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Akeso and Netcare Merger

We are very pleased to announce that the merger between Akeso and Netcare has been approved by the Competitions Tribunal. Read more about this exciting news here….


Student anxiety can be successfully treated

When young adults go to university, they enter a different ‘world’. From food, to the people they meet on different levels, even their home life changes for those who stay at the student residence…


Featured in the following media:

The Young Independents – Tuesday, 13 March 2018
South Coast Herald – Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Smile FM – Wednesday, 15 March 2018 – Evening talk show

903, 2018

Teen suicide prevention – communication the key to preventing teen suicide

In an increasingly competitive world where adolescents are constantly under pressure to achieve and excel – at school, on the sports field, at home, among friends - it comes as no surprise that suicide is one of the leading causes [...]

2202, 2018

Personality disorders need not be the death knell for a relationship

Relationships, even those that seem utterly blissful, can, at times, take their toll on one or both partners. But should you discover that your partner suffers from a personality disorder, it may well impact the relationship negatively, even possibly leading [...]

201, 2018

Take on 2018 with clear goals and change bad habits

With the potential of new beginnings and opportunities, the New Year should fill us with excitement and hope to start afresh. Because of some of our failures and habits, sooner rather than later (many of) our New Year’s resolutions could [...]

912, 2017

Beating the holiday blues – when the festive season is challenging for some

The December festive season is upon us! Contrary to the folk who can’t wait to close the office door to enjoy a time of celebration, joy and relaxation, for those who tend to experience the holiday blues it is anything [...]

812, 2017

You can remain mentally fit and healthy despite living with HIV/AIDS

World Aids Day World AIDS Day takes place on the 1st December each year. Learning that you have HIV/AIDS, that you will have to adhere to lifelong treatment in order to maintain optimal health and that you may also have [...]

2811, 2017

Abuse against women and children in South Africa is a stark reality. Victims must seek counselling to improve recovery.

Despite the fact that domestic abuse and violence against women and children are often underreported due to the victim’s fear, statistics of abuse experienced and reported in South Africa remain extremely high, according to Courtney Greene, occupational therapist at Akeso [...]