Ageing Disorders

It is not easy watching our parents age. To witness the slow and relentless decline of the mental and physical capability of the people who have loved and cared for us, educated and provided for us, is nothing short of heartbreaking.

While not everyone will suffer from age-related disorders to the same degree, the reality is that once memory failure starts to set in, many people struggle to manage their lives - even on a simple scale. This is often exacerbated by impaired sight and/or hearing, compromised physical health, an increased reliance on medication. The resultant inability to cope and loss of independence can also lead to acute anxiety and depression.

Sadly, this is compounded by the loss of an active social circle - either due to illness and death, or simply the inability to get around.

Akeso Clinic’s Geriatric Psychiatry Unit in Akeso Parktown understands not only the anxiety of adult children who bear the emotional and financial burden of ageing parents, but also the frustration, helplessness and sense of loneliness felt by our ageing parents.

The Geriatric Clinic offers a specialist treatment plan catering to disorders of old age, not only assisting our parents to cope with their decreased capacity and putting them in touch with a group of peers in similar circumstance to alleviate their loneliness, but also helping us - their children - to understand the ageing cycle and come to terms with it.

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