Eating Disorders

Nothing can prepare a family for the devastating effects of living with a loved one who is trapped in a vicious cycle of self-destruction. An eating disorder is a complicated and debilitating psychiatric illness that results in pain, confusion and anxiety for both those suffering from the disease and their families.

The causes of the illness are many and varied, with symptoms ranging from severe weight loss to uncontrollable bingeing and purging, excessive exercise, excessive dieting and an abnormal focus on body image. Whatever the specific format of the disease, the outcome is often the same: the slow and painful erosion of trust and mutual respect; the inevitable build-up of anger and frustration on both sides; and the ultimate breakdown of the family unit.

If you and your family are trapped in this desperate cycle, rest assured that there is a way out. No matter how isolated and alone you feel, there are many other people walking this same path, and many more who are dedicated to helping you change the direction of your life.

Akeso Clinic’s Eating Disorders Units are specifically aimed at helping families find their way out of these destructive cycles, by providing the best possible medical and psychiatric care and assistance, with the aim of not only arresting the cycle, but also preventing it from recurring in the future.

The treatment combines an inpatient and outpatient program which works together with the patient and their family to provide a safe haven for healing and the reverse of weight loss; combined with professional expertise to help normalise eating patterns, encourage a healthy attitude towards food and challenge distorted beliefs around body image.

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