Postnatal Depression / Postpartum Psychosis

The acts of giving birth and taking home a new baby are generally viewed as celebrations that elicit joy, excitement, fulfilment and hope. But the truth is that many women experience significant feelings of anxiety and depression after the birth of their baby, resulting from issues such as a lack of sleep and loss of order and routine; loss of self-esteem resulting from the changing role from career woman to mother; relationship stresses or breakdown as both parents struggle to cope with the demands of parenting; the loneliness and stress of single parenting; and the financial pressures of providing for a new child.

Akeso Clinic’s Post Natal Depression Units and programmes cater specifically to mothers and their babies, providing a sharing and caring environment in which new mothers can simultaneously seek treatment while knowing that their babies are being cared for by qualified and nurturing staff. With professional help and support, Post Natal Depression is temporary and treatable.

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