Adult eating disorders unit

The Akeso eating disorders unit for adults specialises in providing a holistic and specialist treatment programme for patients suffering from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, as well as any related eating disorders. The treatment programme is specifically designed to not only address the patients’ immediate need for recovery, but also provide them and their loved ones with a means of coping with the illness going forward.


An eating disorder is a complicated and debilitating psychiatric illness that results in pain, confusion and anxiety both for the sufferer and his or her family. By the time the decision is made to admit a patient to a facility, a family has often been in turmoil for months and the decision to admit them is painful and traumatic to everyone involved.

As with all Akeso programmes, the treatment is multifaceted and integrated, and all patients are treated by a team of specialists including medical doctors, specialist psychiatrists, dieticians or nutritionists, one or more psychologists, occupational therapists and family therapists. Each of these therapies plays a crucial role in the recovery process, from helping patients understand why they adopted an eating disorder and encouraging them to process these issues in a safe environment, to correcting misperceptions about diet, nutrition and body image, and building coping skills for life outside of the facility.

The treatment plan aims to reverse weight loss, normalise eating patterns, achieve stabilisation at a normal weight, encourage a healthy attitude towards food, and challenge distorted beliefs around body image and behaviours around eating.

Family involvement in the treatment process is vitally important as this promotes a deeper understanding of the illness, which in turn enables recovery. 

Mental health facilities with eating disorders units

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