Outpatient care


The response to COVID-19 is continuously evolving as we learn new things about the virus. Akeso has ensured compliance to appropriate infection control measures in order to safeguard both staff as well as the clients who come into our facilities.

All persons who come into an Akeso facility:

  • Must have a protective mask on. This should be able to securely cover the mouth and nose without needing continuous adjusting.
  • Will find a screening desk at the entrance where temperature reading will be done, as well as completion of a questionnaire, to establish the likelihood of Covid-19 infection.
  • Will be provided with ample no-touch sanitization stations and access to bathrooms to wash their hands.

Outpatient consultations (read more about the options available below)

  • Akeso has ensured absolute minimal interaction between in-hospital patients and outpatient clients. This is done to reduce the risk of cross-infections.
  • Our facilities have frequent wipe-down of seating and table-tops as well as bathrooms and other common areas.
  • Our waiting areas carry minimal numbers of clients at a time (we may ask some clients to wait in their vehicles), with 1.5 metre spacing of seats.

Akeso mental health facilities offer various outpatient care options, including consultations (in-person and tele-health), and online therapy groups.

Outpatient consultations

Most of the Akeso mental health facilities offer appointments with the psychiatrists and/or psychologists on an outpatient basis. Please call your nearest Akeso facility to make a booking.
The psychiatrists and psychologists operate as private practices within the Akeso facilities, and as such consultation costs and times may vary.
During COVID-19, it is essential to wear a mask if entering an Akeso facility, and to abide by the protocols in place.

  • Tele-health consultations

Many of the psychiatrists and psychologists are offering tele-health (online) consultations at this time. Please speak to your nearest clinic for a booking.

Online Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) outpatient group

Another type of outpatient care option Akeso has is an online DBT outpatient group.

The programme, hosted by the Akeso Parktown team, consists of 13 sessions, with 1 session per week. All sessions will be run by two therapists and booklets will be provided.

This group is best suited for you if you have some previous exposure to therapy and have found the therapeutic process useful, but are not currently in crisis.

Total treatment cost: R9000.00

For more information please email tshegofatso.m@kenilworthinc.co.za

As this programme is hosted online, it is open for country-wide participants.

Support groups

Some Akeso facilities also host general patient support groups and aftercare groups. In addition to this we support and encourage on-going involvement in the 12-step fellowship programmes such as NA, AA, SAA, GA and OA, and therefore their weekly meetings are held at a number of our facilities.

For full lists of meetings, please visit the fellowship programme sites directly.

During COVID-19, many fellowship groups are providing online options.

For any queries relating to outpatient care, please contact your nearest Akeso facility, or call the helpline on 0861 435 787. You can also email info@akeso.co.za