Areas of care

Most Akeso mental health facilities offer three main areas of care, each with their own specialised programmes:

  • The general psychiatry unit
  • The Dual diagnosis/Addiction unit
  • The adolescent unit

In addition, individual Akeso mental health facilities run a number of specialised units and programmes, such as the psycho-geriatric Unit (at Akeso Parktown), the eating disorders Unit (at Akeso Crescent and Akeso Montrose Manor), the adolescent dual diagnosis/Addiction unit (at Akeso Crescent , Akeso Parktown and Akeso Kenilworth Adolescent ), the independent adolescent Unit (at Akeso Kenilworth Adolescent) and the high care unit (at Akeso Kenilworth).

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Adolescent unit

The adolescent unit caters to adolescents from 13 to 18 years old. It focuses on treating the individual patient in the context of their various environments, including family, school, friends and community. The unit is staffed by professionals with training in child and adolescent development and psychiatry.

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Adolescent dual diagnosis unit

Dual diagnosis interventions focus on managing addictive behaviours as well as their root causes. This unit consists of a combination of individual, group, and family therapy, as well as skills development, mindfulness, therapeutic relaxation, leisure/social activities and regular exercise for adolescents up to 18 years old.

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Adolescent eating disorder unit

This unit offers inpatient treatment for a variety of eating disorders and is focused on developing self-esteem and a healthy body image in adolescent patients. A variety of compassion-based behavioural approaches are used.

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Adult dual diagnosis unit (Addiction unit)

Dual diagnosis is a specialist category requiring very targeted interventions focused on managing addictive behaviours and their root causes. The programme is based on an integrated bio-psycho-social treatment model which aims to build skills for sustained behavioural change.

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Adult eating disorder unit

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating are complicated and debilitating psychiatric illness that results in pain, confusion and anxiety both for the sufferer and his or her family. The eating disorder unit offers inpatient care in an environment that fosters a positive body image, balanced eating as well as esteem and compassion towards the self.

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Electro convulsive therapy (ECT)

EECT is administered under anaesthetic, and involves a series of electrical impulses being transmitted through the brain in order to stimulate the neurons to normalise mood and functioning. It is used, often as a last resort, when a severe psychiatric disorder has proven resistant to all other types of treatment.

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General psychiatry unit

Adult patients suffering from symptoms of major depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar mood disorder, mild psychosis, trauma and personality disorders are admitted to the general psychiatry unit. The unit is run by a multi-disciplinary professional team offering care that encompasses a bio-psycho-social approach.

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Outpatient care

All Akeso mental health facilities offer therapeutic services on an outpatient basis, including general patient support groups and after-care groups.

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Postnatal depression unit

The postnatal depression unit is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients suffering from disorders related to the perinatal period. Mothers and babies from birth to 12 months are accommodated.

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Psycho-geriatric unit

The psycho-geriatric unit offers a specialised programme to assist patients suffering from cognitive impairment like memory loss and dementia.

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TAG – The Akeso graduates group

The Akeso outpatient support programme is called TAG - The Akeso Graduates Group. It is not only open to patients discharged from Akeso, but also to their families and members of the community who wish to participate.

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