Postnatal depression unit

The postnatal depression unit is dedicated to the care and treatment of patients suffering from postnatal depression. Mothers and their babies, from newborn up to 12 months accommodated.

In keeping with the Akeso philosophy of holistic and integrated treatment, mothers in this programme will be cared for by a multi-disciplinary team including specialist psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists, and occupational and family therapists. While they recover, their babies are nurtured and cared for by trained nursing staff.

Programme in the postnatal depression unit

The postnatal depression programme places significant emphasis on the inclusion of the extended family in the treatment programme, as the understanding, empathy and co-operation of the family unit are crucial to the recovery process.

Self-assessment tools

The self-assessment tools are simple yes/no questions that can help you understand if you, or a loved one, may need assistance with what you're experiencing. There are five self-assessment tools to choose from.

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Mental health facilities offering the postnatal depression programme

Akeso Kenilworth Clinic Akeso Parktown