Bipolar mood disorders

Living with bipolar mood disorder can be likened to life on an endless and unpredictable roller coaster. Whether you are suffering from this disorder, or living with someone trapped in the cycle, your life becomes ruled by extreme and unpredictable fluctuating emotions – sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes levelling off in between – but always with the knowledge that the ups and downs will return.

Unfortunately, because so many people suffering from bipolar mood disorder experience ‘normal’ moods in between mania and depression, they are all too often labelled ‘moody’ by family and friends and could therefore suffer most of their lives undiagnosed.

However, if such ‘moodiness’ is affecting you or your loved one’s ability to function on a daily basis, it is worth seeking professional help.

The good news is that bipolar mood disorder can be treated with a combination of mood-stabilising medication and psychotherapy. Akeso’s general psychiatry units are specifically equipped to help individuals with bipolar mood disorder and their loved ones cope with the ups and downs that characterise this disorder, by providing patients with an integrated treatment programme designed to help stabilise mood swings, and equipping them and their loved ones with the necessary tools to help them manage their lives going forward.

Self-assessment tools

The self-assessment tools are simple yes/no questions that can help you understand if you, or a loved one, may need assistance with what you're experiencing. There are five self-assessment tools to choose from.

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