Mental health facilities

Akeso comprises a group of private, dedicated inpatient mental health facilities that provide individual, integrated and family-oriented treatment for a range of psychiatric, psychological and addictive conditions.

At the heart of the Akeso treatment philosophy lies the belief that no one should be treated in isolation – not in terms of the condition from which they suffer, nor in terms of their separation from family and friends. As such, treatment programmes are fully integrated, with the multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists and registered nurses all working closely with each individual  patient and their loved ones to ensure the best possible care, and best possible outcome.

In addition, at Akeso we work according to a guiding principle of ‘treatment beyond containment’, which means that every treatment plan is designed to not only contain and treat the immediate problem, but also to provide a supportive environment that assists our patients and their loved ones to plan for life after discharge. While our immediate focus is to provide relief from the sometimes devastating symptoms of psychiatric illnesses, our ultimate aim is to help our patients change the direction of their life by developing creative strategies for sustainable mental health.

Our mental health facilities are probably best described as an ‘emotional ER’, catering for individuals in psychological crisis. These crises may have been brought on by extraordinary life stressors, a traumatic event, an underlying psychiatric vulnerability, a chronic illness or a combination of these. Akeso mental health facilities provide a safe and comforting environment in which assessment, containment and healing are prioritised, and in which our patients and their loved ones are treated with dignity and respect.

An essential feature of the Akeso treatment philosophy is that loved ones and other members of our patients’ support system are encouraged to visit regularly, as well as to participate in the treatment programme. We have learned that promoting and encouraging a better understanding of psychiatric illnesses and addiction by our patients’ families is one of the best means of ensuring sustainable health and well-being.

No one should walk the road to mental health alone. The professional teams at Akeso and loved ones are there to help and support each patient, however the patient’s full commitment to the programme is key. It may not be easy, but together we can help our patients’ change the direction of their life, for the better.