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Emergency Referrals and Admissions

Akeso Clinics accept patients both on professional and personal referrals, which means that while we of course accept referrals from general practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists, we also accept patients referred by their loved ones and even themselves.

Emergency admissions and referrals are accepted 24 hours a day.

Every potential patient is assessed individually before being referred into an in-patient or out-patient programme, depending on the severity of their illness and symptoms. In the case of an emergency, the clinic will provide full psychiatric assessment and immediate therapeutic care. In the absence of a specific referral, the treating psychiatrist will be the doctor who is on call for the day.

Should you wish to enquire about an admission, please contact your nearest Akeso Clinic.

What to Expect on Admission

Akeso Clinics believe wholeheartedly that no one should walk the road to psychiatric health alone, and we take our role as your partner and professional healthcare provider incredibly seriously.

But the reality is that no amount of professional help or personal care will enable you to walk this path if you aren’t actively committed to it. Treatment involves a willingness to talk honestly and openly, to engage loved ones about tough and often complex issues, to challenge yourself and your beliefs to open your mind and your heart to change. You need courage, determination and motivation. And only you can provide that.

Once you have decided to walk this path, Akeso Clinics are committed to providing you with the best possible care along the way.

Admission is the first step, and involves an individual assessment during which each pa-tient will be assigned both a psychiatrist and psychologist, who will work together throughout the patient’s stay at the clinic to ensure that he or she embarks upon the treatment plan that is best suited to individual illnesses and symptoms.

The initial assessment is conducted not only by the assigned psychiatrist and psychologist, but also specialist nursing staff to enable the formulation of a best-fit nursing care plan, medical doctors to assess current clinical needs, and a meeting with a member of the COPE programme to determine which therapy programme is most suitable for the patient for the duration of his or her stay at the Clinic. The staff may also request blood samples for routine tests and screening.

For more information on admissions and visiting hours, please contact the Admin Department at the Akeso Clinic closest to you. Otherwise, feel free to call our help line on 0861 HELP US (4357 87).