The start of an effective drug rehab program lies in the decision you make while still at home. Your determination and willingness to participate in the addiction treatment program will largely determine its effectiveness. Rehab centres offer support and teach you the skills that you need, but effective drug rehab can only start if you are prepared to admit that you have a problem and become willing to work the program. Your choice of which rehab centre to enrol in will also influence how effective drug rehab is for you.

Even though your participation and willingness are the key to effective addiction treatment there are traits of clinics that will tip you off to which is going to be the most effective drug rehab centre. Here are some of the points you should look out for:

Drug Rehabilitation and Respect for Individuality

An effective drug rehab centre will understand that every patient is unique and deserves to be understood and treated as an individual. Addiction treatment based on a “cookie cutter” approach is unlikely to be able to accurately diagnose and treat the underlying causes of addiction. An effective drug rehab program adapts itself to the patient rather than forcing the patient to work a treatment program designed for somebody else. Unless a drug rehab centre is able to individualize its treatment it is quite likely that your personal needs will be overlooked.

Physical Recovery from Drug Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism both have very negative effects on the body. An effective drug rehab centre in South Africa will be able to provide a medically supported program of physical rehabilitation. You can’t expect to be able to focus on the psychological and emotional work required in the program unless you’re physically healthy.

Effective drug rehab in South Africa will start with a detoxification (“detox”) procedure that will cleanse your body of the residual toxins left behind from using drugs or drinking alcohol. Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs can be dangerous and it is highly advised that you consult with a professional in an effective drug rehab centre who will help you manage the risk and make the discomfort more manageable. Physical healing starts in detox and continues throughout your stay in the clinic.

A proper nutritional program will help you to restore normal metabolic functions. An effective drug rehab centre will pay close attention to providing balanced meals that provide the nutrients which your body may have been starved of in addiction. Doctors might also need to prescribe vitamin supplements to address deficiencies.

Psychological Healing From Drug Addiction

Addiction often has a psychological component. Not only does your body become dependent on the drugs but your mind also develops a “hard-wired” automatic response to look for drugs in many situations. An effective drug rehab centre understands that reshaping the way we think and feel about life is an important way to improve the quality of life for its patients and increase the length of sobriety following addiction treatment in South Africa.

An effective drug rehab centre in South Africa will use a multi-disciplinary approach to mental health that will accurately diagnose any psychological problems and promote healing. An addiction treatment program uses a blend of therapeutic activities such as one-to-one counselling, group therapy, and occupational groups such as art and drama. When working together this holistic treatment makes for a very effective drug rehab program.

Drug Rehabilitation Aftercare

A drug rehab program doesn’t end when you graduate from the addiction treatment. Leaving the safety of the addiction rehab centre is often a very daunting experience and patients discover that facing life sober can be very difficult at times. An effective drug rehab program will offer continued support for graduates of its program. Patients are invited to return to the clinic for groups and to make contact with their peers. This on-going support network helps patients to feel that they can cope with life and offers valuable advice on dealing with daily life. A drug rehab program will have a well-established aftercare program and should be able to tell you what extended care options you will have after completing their treatment program.