Our modern-day lifestyles are complicated and complex. Choices are vast and confusing, peer pressure is real and often unrelenting, and the expectations of people around us – however well intentioned – are often the source of intense internal stress. Some people take it all in their stride, while others struggle with every step.

How do you know if you or your loved one is suffering from a psychiatric or addictive disorder, or if you are simply “feeling down”, “stressed out” or “going through a phase”?

If the symptoms are significant enough that they disrupt daily functioning on an on-going basis, you should consider seeking help.

At Akeso Clinics, we are committed to helping our patients and their loved ones by not only treating their specific psychiatric and addictive disorders, but also by providing patients and their families with practical means of managing their daily lives once they leave our care, thereby enabling them to change the direction of their lives for the better.

All patients and their loved ones, irrespective of their disorder, are treated with compassion, care, acceptance and respect.

Please click here to go to our Self-Assessment Tools, if you are worried about yourself or a loved one.